Friday, February 10, 2017


          Goals in life are kind of important to me. I've always had goals before i was in high school. There has always been one major goal that I've wanted to achieve in life. Its the same dream most people dream of, i wanna be successful. I wanna be so successful i can start my own Charity foundations to help homeless veterans on the streets and the starving children in our nation. I don't wish to be greedy with my money in the future. The best advice I've ever received from someone successful was Willie Roberston who is worth over 20 million dollars, stopped in the middle of the road to pick up a quarter and when he was asked why he did it, he replied by saying "Ill never be good enough to ignore a quarter". He really showed me that know matter how successful you are you should always take what you can get and appreciate every bit of it. 
          I'm already in the process of achieving my goals. I've started trading small cap stocks in the stock market. I always have a new plan to increase my account value by a certain amount each month. I constantly am on the computer finding quotes and reading charts trying to find stocks i now will do something that will help achieve my goals. I get up every morning at 5:30 a.m. so i can check my watch list to see how they move when the market opens. If my process of trading micro-cap stocks doesn't work out, I plan to go to college to major in business or real estate. I would go to a 4 year college hopefully locally unless i achieved a scholarship from out of state. i would start selling smaller homes and hopefully achieve the knowledge and skill to sell million dollar pieces of property. Those are my goals I'm going to achieve in life.