Thursday, December 8, 2016

My favorite music

My favorite music!?

My favorite type of music is older rock n' roll, older country music, rap, and a little bit of heavy metal. Ive grown u around older rock and country since i was just a kid. My parents loved it, its all they would listen to. In my family, we always have some type of old rock n roll or country playing during special events, like birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or even just hanging out! My favorite old rock n roll band probably has to be "Def leppard" or "Lynyrd Skynyrd". Both have been played a lot by me personally! My favorite country artist is probably "Randy Travis". My generation loves rap, don't ask me why but its just a popular genre. My favorite rap artist has to be either "Wiz Khalifa" or "Desiigner". both of them make awesome songs. Wiz makes more of a  laid back music and desiigner is more hype. Heavy metal is something i listen to ocansionally.