Sunday, September 18, 2016

About Me

Hello, My time is Tyler Harris. I'm 16 years old i'm a 10th grade student at Fortuna Union high school. Some of my hobbies include hunting, fishing, and sports. I've been doing all three since my parents would let me. All of my family have been hunters and fishers since they were kids. Its our way of getting good reliable food from nature. You never know what goes into todays food at grocery stores. I've been playing sports since I was just a little baby. My mom would put a bucket on my high chair when I was a baby and I would throw a sock in their as if it were a basketball hoop. Sports have been apart of my life forever. I even love watching them!
The type of hunting that I like is Buck hunting and Duck hunting. When the season comes, I go into game mode. The hunt is ON! I love getting up before sunrise and head into the deep foothills of Hayfork California were the air is cleaner than ever and its a type of silence and peace you cant experience anywhere else. Being alone on top of a mountain makes you feel like you are one with your ancestors. My dad has taken me fishing since I was 10 months. I may not have been able to understand much but my mind could capture images that would carry me in life till death. Some of the sports that I play are football and golf. I've played football since I was 8 years old. Now I play for Fortuna high school. I'm a starter on both offense and defense and take my positions very seriously. Its a sport id like to play for the rest of my high school career, along with golf. Last year was my first year of playing golf. It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. It was a good time with my friends to relax and play a sport we can play together for the rest of our lives. That's why I do the things that I love.
Well I hope you enjoyed my first little blog post. This is my first attempt at one, and i'm not the best! I hope whoever sees this can relate to me in a good way and we can talk later on in life and maybe even meet in person. See you next post!

Tyler H.

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  1. hey tyler, i liked the way how do you live in america. I think one day i will visit that country that all the people speak about here in morocco. I'm so happy to know about you, it was pleasure. And yes for your question if I know spanish, yes I learn it in my school and sometimes I go to spain.